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Business Development Leader

About Praana Tech

Praanatech is a high-potential early stage startup  with ground-breaking, cost-effective technology for next generation medical imaging. Specializing in PET systems,  our mission is to take imaging closer to the patient. 


Our Products:

We make novel medical imaging systems for diagnosing dementia, targeting a $4B+ emerging market. With a technology that is unique and ahead of the competition, we make it cost effective for the hospitals and drive widespread adoption. 

Why join us

If you resonate with our vision, then here’s your chance to create a high-level impact on global healthcare by setting direction as an early core member, and making cost-effective diagnosis a reality. We have the potential, fundamentals and network to hit a wide range of global markets.


We are an early-stage, high tech healthcare startup company founded by group of technically accomplished and driven individuals. 


Here’s what sets us apart from the rest:


  • We have a high entry barrier technology. We are way ahead of our competition and it is not easy to replicate what we do.

  • Ours is a proven technology with a demonstrable prototype, and we are racing towards MVP and testing.

  • We have excited partners and very interested customers.

  • We’ve got a solid foundation to rapidly scale our business.


Who we need

We are looking for an MBA Finance graduate who is passionate about healthcare technology startup development to lead our US business and financial operations. 


Preferred Qualifications:


  • MBA degree preferably in Finance

  • Experience in Medtech industry

  • Experience in fund-raising for startups, be well connected with investor networks.


What you will do


  1. Lead fund-raising efforts in pre-seed and seed rounds.

  2. Manage the financial operations for our startup.

  3. Lead business development and operations for US and International.


This role will go on to become our company’s core member in the capacity of CFO.

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